Unified Data

The Sandbox is not just a segmentation tool; it’s also a self-updating data repository for all of the messaging
data feeding back into your centralized smartCommunicator database.

Are you tired of manually entering data discovered during messaging interactions with your constituents? Then let the Sandbox do it for you automatically!



Have you ever discovered an interest or opinion held by a constituent that has a real impact on how you should communicate with that person in the future? After this event, you probably went straight to your constituent database and manually logged this information accordingly. This is absolutely the right thing to do, but what happens when this one opinion point becomes 10,000 opinion points? And on top of this, what happens when a third of this information is feeding from your email platform, a third from your phone-a-thon operations, and a third from your social and web efforts--- all of which are independent proprietary platforms that are designed to put up walls between each other? Now, you’re faced with the very manual and overwhelming prospect of somehow extracting the valuable data out of all three of your messaging platforms, matching all of the information to the correct record, and then finally finding an appropriate home for this consolidated constituent data…and that was just the first send…

Imagine for a moment if all of this complication and headache went away… Well, that would be smart.

The philosophy of smartCommunicator is unified data. We first begin with a single data hub, and from this point, you can now message your constituents via email, you can call them, and finally you can engage them via social & web content. And because we don’t build walls between your messaging capabilities, as opinion points from each of these messaging activities feed back into the centralized smartCommunicator data hub, each record or constituent profile is now automatically updated with new fields and criteria ,and they become useable data points that are now easily searchable during future segmentations within the Sandbox. And yes, all of this happens automatically without the headaches of manual extraction, matching, and re-entry… Now that's smart.

Unified Data Overview

  • Unified Data Repository
  • Intelligent opinion data matching and tracking
  • Automatic data feedback eliminating the headache of manual matching and data reconciliation

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