Flexible Calling

Out of the box, our system is so light & simple that, as long as you can plug into an internet connection and power source, you will be making VoIP calls within 48 hours of your initial request.





In addition, our Telco engineers have designed smartCall Center with mobility-in-mind. Through our flexible design, it's possible to pack up your phone bank and move down the street or across the country and start making calls immediately without experiencing un-planned down-time or added expenses due to re-configuration.

These “go fast” qualities of smartCall Center make the tool ideal for ‘on-the-road’ political primary campaigns, traveling alumni coordinators, and fundraising itinerates looking to empower regional or national non-profit organizations from coast-to-coast with the help of smartCall Center's intelligent VoIP Phone Bank solution. 


Visit the full smartCall Center webpage by clicking HERE.


Flexible Calling Overview


  • Plug n' Play Configuration (automatic phone configuration eliminating complex & time-consuming setup)
  • 24x7 Technology Support (guranteeing successful calling within 48 hours of request)
  • Coast-to-Coast Call Center Mobility (perfect for on-the-road political & fundraising professionals)    

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