Lightweight Calling

smartCall Center is perfect for organizations that want to spend their time & money communicating versus making large upfront capital investments into expensive hardware-centric Call Center solutions that will only grow old & outdated.





With smartCall Center, we have already built-out the extensive back-end IT infrastructure & Data Centers that support each of your phone banks. Because of this, you simply plug your simple three-piece system in and remotely connect to our powerful resources to begin your campaigns. This simple design eliminates the need for expensive high-end onsite servers and the costly technicians required to manage and troubleshoot them.

Because you are essentially renting a sliver of our Data Center resources versus building-out an expensive Data Center of your own, smartCall Center is a perfect match for short-term political campaigns or organizational annual funds that can’t spend thousands today in order to communicate tomorrow.


Simply lease the smartCall Center solution for however long your needs require, and return it when you’re through. You will undoubtedly be pleasantly surprised at how easily smartCall Center can fit into your budget and operations…


Visit the full smartCall Center webpage by clicking HERE.


Lightweight Calling Overview:

  • light-weight 3-piece call system (no servers, no computers, no on-site technicians)
  • Short-term leases (perfect for Annual & Sustaining Funds, short-term fundraisers, and political campaigns)
  • Low Cost Setup & Operation (Just an internet connection, power supply, and the 3-piece call system)

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