Maintain and manage your people.

smartData is the module here to help you get your data into smartCommunicator to the point where you’re ready to incorporate your information into messaging campaigns. Use the smartData suite of tools to organize, manage, update and enhance your information.



Do You Know?

Do you ever wonder who or what is behind the scenes of your favorite messaging platform? Where does all your data go, and is it safe?

The same team that has built and manages the smartCommunicator platform has also built and manages a network of ‘always-on’ Tier III compliant Data Centers that support the smartCommunicator platform with near limitless power, performance, and security. 

smartCommunicator hosts critical information for enterprise level organizations that demand the highest level of uptime, security, and value-added support from their hosting partners. Because of this, when you upload data into smartCommunicator, you can trust that your data asset is safe & secure 24/7/365. Click Here to learn more...


Some features of the NEW smartCommunicator…


Play with your audience.

Our innovative Sandbox Selection Tool makes it easy to create targeted segments of your audience without being a database query expert.


The view at 30,000 feet.

smartDashboard puts powerful analytics right at your fingertips. You'll be able to anticipate what's working and adjust your strategy in real time.

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