Data Power

“Thanks to smartCommunicator, we were able to make almost 2 million voter contacts in Indiana this year.  This resulted in a new Republican Governor here in Indiana, as well as augmenting our Congressional Delegation and giving us quorum proof super majorities in both our Statehouse chambers.”

-Indiana GOP



At smartCommunicator, we say:  the bigger the data, the better!

smartCommunicator averages 70 million VoIP calls and 67.7 trillion data points processed through our smartCommunicator Data Centers each year. Our work spans entire presidential elections, nation-wide marketing campaigns, and national fundraising efforts.

 We consider our niche to be Big Data, and because of this, we have designed our platform to excel under load where others fail.

Giant Lists? Our backend data processing power can handle any size list, and it can do it Fast! Our Data Centers have the scalable hardware horse power to accommodate any spike in activity.

Widescale Messaging Activity? Our data centers support massive nation-wide messaging efforts that vary from email, VoIP calling, mobile applications, to text messaging… no amount of concurrent traffic is too great to stop the delivery and performance of your critical messaging efforts.

Trillions of Data Points? In addition to designing and sending messages, smartCommunicator also acts as a data feedback loop that provides real-time information from messaging and survey results.

These results are fed back into our data centers where they are processed and returned to you as intuitive reports and analytics helping you to gauge the effectiveness of your messaging efforts.


Data Power Overview:

  • No list is ever too big for the data and messaging power behind smartCommunicator
  • National elections, nation-wide marketing campaigns, and national fundraising efforts…no messaging campaign is ever too big for smartCommunicator
  • Trillions of data points!? Our record setting track record proves that no amount of traffic will hinder smartCommunicator performance 

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