Uploading into smartData is Easy!

smartData will automatically identify and match your custom data fields with custom identifiers that smartCommunciator then incorporates into the Sandbox selection module, allowing you the capability to easily select upon any kind of data you require.

Constituent Management

Along with the core features of the smartData module, you will also benefit from the smartConstituent lookup tool that enables smartCommunicator users to lookup, edit, and analyze contact information, opinion data, and messaging history on a per-record basis. This allows managers the kind of insight and flexibility to engage their constituents in the method and manner in which they wish to be contacted.

Lookup Constituents

This is a simple, yet powerful search tool capable of keying off any contact field that allows smartCommunicator users to quickly reference constituent profiles without having to sift through mountains of spreadsheets or perform arduous queries. If you need on-demand access to constituent profiles from anywhere, at any time – this tool is for you. 

Edit Constituents

Having searched-for and selected your desired record, editing the record is just a matter of a mouse-click and a key-stroke. In addition, as part of smartCommunicator administrator management options, managers may choose to queue edits and process them at a later time once the batch has been reviewed. Furthermore, smartCommunicator has also been designed with Data Management best-practices in mind – including the option to archive data changes so that smartCommunicator users may recall previous versions of records, if needed.

Review Messaging History

Further extending your analysis of individual constituent profiles and patterns, smartConstituent offers a message dashboard where past messaging history and results are organized in an informative display showing, at a glance, the results and effectiveness of past messages so that you may gain insight into how your constituents are interacting with your messaging campaigns.

smartData Overview


  • Easy data upload and mapping
  • Easy Constituent Record Lookup
  • On-the-go constituent record editing
  • Comprehensive Constituent Messaging history 

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