smartForm Delivery

As an integrated messaging platform, smartCommunicator is designed to offer users multiple messaging avenues through which they can deploy their smartForm content built within the smartForm module. Messaging opportunities available for form deployment include the Web-based smartPortal which enables remote users to make calls on your behalf via multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers.



Once a user has finished creating their smartForm content, and they are ready to deploy; it becomes as easy as choosing your preferred segment from the Sandbox, scheduling a deployment date and time, and finally choosing to make it available to your smartPortal network of volunteers.  And, yes, all of this is done from a single module with a few clicks of your mouse…. Now that’s smart.

And don’t forget, as part of smartCommunicator’s Data Management best practices, smartCommunicator allow users to archive smartForms for repeated re-use and incorporation into different messaging modules for any time in the future.

smartForm Delivery Overview

  • Freedom to deploy Form content to the smartPortal Volunteer Network
  • Consolidated deployment capabilities all from within smartForm
  • Re-use your smartForm content at any time in multiple messaging modules

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