Successful Email

With an average 98% message deliverability rate, smartMailer has been designed to maximize the success of your email delivery. Our 24/7 support teams work with customers with struggling ISP reputations by cleaning lists, providing dedicated or shared IP addresses, and providing general insider tip & tricks for successful delivery (a knowledge base which has been developed through 10+ years of email sending experience).



In addition, the front-end interface of smartMailer incorporates several tools that are designed to increase deliverability and to maximize sending insights. smartMailer’s trickle send capability allows users with large mailing lists to automatically pre-configure sending rates that send with a steady flow versus flooding inboxes which can cause unwanted blocks. Furthermore, smartCommunicator’s A/B testing tool enables users to send variations of the same message and parallel track the success of each so as to gain better insight into how your audience is responding to elements like email design and content.

Email Success Overview

  • Average 98% message deliverability rate supported by a team of smartCommunicator sending experts
  • Trickle Send and A/B Testing functionalities to enhance email delivery & insight

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