Recruit Volunteers

Managers using smartPortal are empowered with a drag n’ drop HTML custom page builder that makes creating campaign pages easy and fun. Drop in images, video, and text to create a personalized page that organizations can then plugin and promote via their webs and social assets.

As interested prospect volunteers click through these recruitment pages, they are linked directly to the smartPortal login where they can create a smartPortal account and automatically associate with organizations and friends by opting to sign in with Social IDs.

Associate and Schedule

Once volunteers have created their personal smartPortal pages, they can send and receive association requests to organizations with smartPortal campaign pages. Once volunteers have been approved by the organization, the volunteer can then review the work currently made available by the managing organization and determine which volunteer opportunity fits their schedule.

Meanwhile, the managing organization can choose to import additional jobs from either smartForm or smartSurvey, include descriptions and high-priority information on each, and finally deploy these jobs into their smartPortal volunteer network where they become available for volunteer signup. 


When a volunteer schedules a calling job and that job becomes active, the volunteer is sent a reminder and encouraged to enter the Phone-A-Friend calling queue where their web-enabled device becomes an intelligent internet calling & data feedback platform accessed from the comfort and leisure of home.

Manage and Retain

A core function of smartPortal is to be a volunteer database where information on past and present volunteers is housed and automatically updated as new or existing volunteers sign up or edit their volunteer profiles. To this end, organizations can easily send volunteers automatic thank you notes and activity reports and notes that serve to remind volunteers of their past contributions and value. With smartPortal, it’s easy to personally connect and stay in touch with your volunteer network so as to increase the likelihood of volunteer retention.

smartPortal Overview
  • Promote Campaign pages via Social and Web assets to increase volunteer awareness and involvement
  • Login and create smartPortal accounts where volunteers can associate with your organization and schedule the work they want to perform 
  • Leverage the Phone-A-Friend tool that enables volunteers to make internet calls via multiple devices from the comfort of their own homes 
  • Employ the mindLinked feature to automatically pair caller with constituent for link-minded interactions

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