You might have door operations across the states, but management of these campaigns doesn’t have to be difficult. Thanks to smartCommunicator’s intelligent centralized design, management of multiple walk jobs is possible from anywhere, at any time – all from any web-enabled mobile device. 

Deploy your Surveys into the Field!

 Once again, because smartCommunicator has been built on an integrated modular design, building door-to-door surveying jobs within smartSurvey2Go can be as easy as clicking to deploy an existing segment or survey into the field. In this design, a vast majority of your setup work has already been completed through your efforts in other modules. This saves you more time so you can get outside and get messaging with the smartSurvey2Go mobile canvassing app for Iphone and Android. 

Design Walk Routes

Managers can create dedicated walk routes by selecting and assigning individual block-by-block walking paths for users by employing the smartSuvey2Go intelligent sub-job drawing modes – a feature that enables managers to draw custom polygons around satellite street views, save these custom walk routes for repeated re-use, and assign these routes to individual or multiple volunteers. 

Assign Walk Routes

Once you have deployed a smartSurvey2Go job into the field, you can then monitor the real-time progress and position of your volunteers or staff walking in the field via real-time maps, stats, and progress reports. 

Monitor Walk Efforts in Real Time

Finally, wherever you and your canvass operations are, managers receive smartSurvey2Go survey data in real-time and in intuitive graph form that keeps users continually updated on trending constituent opinions and interests.

smartSurvey2Go Management Overview
  • Easy Modular setup that integrates seamlessly with existing segments and survey campaigns previously constructed in smartCommunicator
  • Real-time monitoring and success tracking of staff walking doors in the field. Real-time goal tracking for campaign-wide efforts
  • On-the-go volunteer re-assignment and communication via the smartSurvey2Go management interface

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